Internal rules

The appartment is located on the ground floor of our house. Although it is completely independant, our family welcomes you in its home. That’s why we invite you to enjoy the living areas at your disposal in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect of private life of each person.
Please take the time to take note of these internal rules and to sign them at the bottom of this page.

Rental period
You rent this apartment for the period specified in your reservation, determined in your rental contract. You will not be able to stay in the location outside this period, except agreement with the owners.

Arrivals and departures
– The arrival time is exepcted from 4:00 pm, till 10:00 pm.
– The departures time is expected at 11:00 am, at the latest.
– Early or late arrivals, for example to deposit the luggage, are subject to a prior agreement.

Parking place
You can park your car inside the property, at the place indicated the day you arrive. Thank you to not interfere with the other parking users.

Movements around the house and in the garden
We kindly ask you to get into the gîte by moving at the back of the house only.
-You are not allowed to move from the gîte’s terrace to the parking by passing.
-You can enjoy the garden part located in front and beside the gîte’s terrace.
-You don’t have access to the vegetables garden, and you are not allowed to pick fruits, vegetables and flowers in the garden.

Material provided
-This apartment is rent with the bedding and the bed linen (duvet, duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases, towels, dishcloths…).
-Towels are at your disposal but we ask you to let them in the gîte and to not use them at the beach. Thank you to bring your own beach towels.
-Please provide your own garbage bags, sponges, dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo, …

Area uses
All the furnitures are at your disposal. Thank you to keep them in good condition and clean.
-Water, electricity and heating are included in the rental price However, in order to respect the environment, please switch off the lights when you leave a room, do not let water running unnecessarily, and do not keep doors and windows open for a long time if you use heating.
-All the facilities are at your disposal, subject to a normal and reasonable use. In this respect, please do not throw anything into the toilet bowl other than toilet paper.
-The apartment door has a key lock. Make sure to lock it well when you leave during the day, as well as the windows, and terrace-doors. You would be held liable for any theft or damages if this clause is not respected.

Safety and propriety instructions
Please do respect the places’ tranquility and use them as normally expected. The volume level, inside and outside the property, must respect neighbour’s tranquillity. In case of issues and/or claim, we reserve the right to exclude customers who initiated the trouble.
For the neighbour’s respect, it is strictly forbidden to make noise after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the apartment.
Children move around the proprerty under their parents control.

In case of emergency, always notify the emergency services first (tel. 112).

Cleaning charges

The cleaning charges are included in your rental price. It includes rooms and home textiles cleaning in particular. But please ensure to keep the gîte tidy, by storing furnitures, objects and dish.

The day you leave, thank you to remove the bed linen and collect all the home textiles used near the washing-machine.
Domestic waste

Your garbages can be placed in the garbage bins near the parking place and the steps. Waste is collected every wednesday and saturday morning during summer, and every wednesday morning the rest of the year.

The day of your departure, please do not let domestic waste in the gîte’s garbage.

Selective waste sorting  : (glass bottles, milk or juice cartons, plastic bottles, paper and little cartons) you can collect all the recyclable waste in the box into the cupboard under the sink. Selective waste bins are located near the crossroad below.

Domestic animals

Domestic animals are strictly forbidden into the apartment and around the property.


We are sensitives to the preservation of our planet and would like to protect the environment by minimizing the global footprint of the gîte’s running.

Some simple and easy things can do a lot.

We trust in your support for :

-do not let water running, lights and heat on when not required,
-do not throw anything into the toilet bowl other than toilet paper,
-trying to use only the towels you really need.


In case of problem / guarantee deductions

– In the event of failure or malfunction, please contact us without delay. We’ll do our best to resolve the matter. No repair refund will be take in charge without our agreement.
– In the case of breakage or deterioration, thank you to notify us during your stay, even if no injury seems visible. In the event of a loss or deterioration of the gîte’s elements, the deposit could be reduced of the rehabilitation or replacement costs.
– In the case of stains on the sofa, we will ask you to pay 20€ for the cleaning charges.
In the case of scratches of the induction cooker, an amount of 200€ will be deducted from the guarantee amount.

You appreciate the very good conditions and the cleanliness of our gîte. We ask you to be respectful and careful during your stay, so we will welcome you again in our gîte in the same good conditions.

We thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.